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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cute stuff

Wow...this is my 3rd post for the day. Actually I started one last night, but the video took so long to load that I didn't get to post it until this morning and then I did the questionnaire Teaque sent me. Anyway...this is just a quick one to show some pictures and other tidbits. Today Pop put down the grout in Alexa's room. YEAH!!!!! I am so excited to get her room set up again...it's been a while since she had a real room with the renovations taking place and we are all excited about it. The new base board should go down by the end of the week and we should move her in on Saturday!! I can't wait. She has such cute crib bedding (courtesy of her Mimi), and I can't wait to get it all set up again!

Tonight after Alexa's bath she decided to play hide and seek with us! :)

Jerry would ask me where Alexa was and you could just hear her giggling...

Then she would pull the towel down and just LAUGH!!

and again!

Do you remember the giveaway at Funky Finds I won back in March?
Well, these are the super cute shirts I won from 4 Little Fish! One is for Walker and one is for Alexa...and they are custom made, so no one will have one just like theirs! Are they not just ADORABLE?!! You should head on over to 4 Little Fish and check out Olga's other cute designs for the one of a kind baby in your life! Right now Olga is offering a $5 credit for each referral order, so mention my name!


Mimi said...

Too cute!! Oh - that's both the hide and seek girl and the turtle t-shirts. I can't wait to see Walker and Alexa in them!
Love, MiMi

Funky Finds said...

how cute! glad you like the shirts from 4 little fish. :)

Kristen =) said...