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Monday, August 24, 2009

Must Read/Giveaway

I am reading multiple books right now...must be a testament to my unwillingness to commit. JUST KIDDING! Come on, it was supposed to be funny. Anyway, I'm really reading all of these books for different reasons. #1 My home group is studying one #2 My sister and I are supposed to be doing another together (we've gotten a bit lost there, but I'm going to read it I swear!) #3 I want to be a good parent and I am a bit clueless on that one and #4 I said I would when I signed up for a free book. So, there are all of my reasons for reading the 5 different books on my sidebar.

For home group we are studying through Twelve Extraordinary Women and I LOVE it. There are so many insightful things about each character that I never considered before. Originally I was less than sure about this one, but I am so happy we made this choice! God is teaching me so much through the different women we have studied so far, and I know it's only going to get better as we study through the next 9. So far we have taken a look at Eve, Sarah, and Rahab. I can't wait to see what I learn in the next chapter.

In my opinion this is a must read for any woman of God who is seeking His face. If you decide to give it a shot, let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts!! And...as an added bonus I have a copy to give away! If you would like to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on what God is teaching you right now.

To receive extra entries, you can: Tweet about it, and link to your tweet in a comment (make sure you follow me too) or write your own post linking the giveaway.

Ok, good luck!


Mrs. Mullen said...

PATIENCE...God is teaching me patience :) I struggle with it and God is showing me, in many ways, that I need to be more patient.

Jodi said...

God is teaching me how to be a better mama to W & C, to put aside my selfishness (such a struggle) and serve & minister to them. Much easier said than done!

Jackie said...

God is trying to teach me to not be selfish with my time.

Oh and Lindsey, becareful praying for patience....you know I was in a bible study and praying really hard for patience....AND THEN I BROKE MY LEG and was in a cast for 6 months. I was taught PATIENCE.

Meredith said...

God is teaching me time management and also a lot about love.

Donna Pace said...

God is teaching me to trust Him more--that He is still in control and that things work out on His timetable, not mine.

Our Family said...

God is teaching me patience and contentment! Both of these areas are a constant struggle for me, but as I continue to seek His face I learn that He is all I need and it is His timing not mine!

Varner Party of 3 said...

I actually just finished the Me, Myself, and Lies study. Amazing! God really spooke to me and pointed out so many things in my life. Through that study, I learned how important it is to control what I allow into my thought closet. I need make sure my thoughts are positive and uplifting of myself and others around me.

Kelly said...

"Complaining isn't attractive" That's what God has been working on with me lately. Jennifer Rothschild said that in the Me, Myself, and Lies study (that I did with Kristi), and it really stuck to me. So, I'm trying really hard to remember that daily!