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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Becoming Frugal

Tonight I spent several hours talking to a couple of close friends about and budgeting. We had a blast just being together, but we also made some progress for one of them. The word budget scares people, but I have found that when you have a name for each dollar you earn, it is extremely freeing.

This month she will pay off one medical bill, and pay a chunk on another credit card. She might be eating eggs and tuna all month, but at least she can see a difference by the time we are looking at October. We also switched her car insurance tonight and saved her $40 on the spot...how cool is that? That means an extra $40 to put toward her debt each month!!

The bottom line with budgeting is come up with something you can stick with...if it doesn't work for you then you might as well not waste your time...but you also have to live within your means. Save when you want to buy something instead of expecting instant gratification, and teach your children the same. I am slowly learning what it means to be frugal, and I have to say I am really enjoying it!


Jodi said...

woo hoo! love it!

Jackie said...

I wish I had known that when i was you age.