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Friday, June 27, 2008

Alexa's Room

Alexa has been in her new room for over a week now, and it's turning out to be really cute. We are still waiting for Kerry to finish the painting, so we can't put up the curtains yet...but it shouldn't be too long. I have been promising pictures, and I finally got some good ones yesterday. I love everything about her room. There are a few things left to do, but for the most part it's complete. I also have a new post below with some other cute pictures and updates!


Jodi said...

woo hoo - know you're so excited to have her sleeping in the new room! it's so great to see her pink @ green back up and in use...LOVE those flowers! :)

Inka said...

her room is really sweet!
i´d love to live in a room like that if i still were a little girl. :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

love it....lol, wow that room brings back memories :) Of course....it was a little more WILD looking back in our days, lol. miss you. Love you both.

Freckled Nest said...


...and this means you have your own room now? eeeeee :)

congrats to you and alexa :)