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Monday, November 5, 2012

Am I being chased?

When asked about running, this is my typical response...for a long time this was the only reason I found running acceptable.  After all, who would run for fun?  There are many other torturous activities that I would much rather partake in before I don running shoes and step outside.  I ran track in high school, but I really think it was out of boredom more than anything, and even then it wasn't fun.

Last week during dinner and coffee with the girls somehow the subject of running was broached, and I immediately shared my thoughts on running.  I don't.  Have you seen the picture on someone's car like 26.2 (marathon) or 13.1 (half-marathon)...mine was always likely to be 0.0 (if running, call the cops I'm being chased).  NO. DESIRE.  They all discussed how one race or another would be so fun, a mud run, a color run, and how much fun it would be to run as a group.  My resolve was firm.  I do not run.

Then the strangest thing happened.  I'm not sure if I fell and bumped my head, or what, but Friday CJ and I started discussing a run Saturday morning.  As previously stated I am NOT a morning person.  So the fact that I would even consider rising early on a Saturday let alone run is cause enough for a CT scan.  We made a date to run Saturday, 3 participants, and then it began to happen.  Friday night CJ realized she didn't have the necessary shoes to run so she dropped out and then Saturday when I arrived at the agreed upon location my other running buddy wasn't there.  I had a choice, I could go home and snuggle back in beside Adam, or I could suck it up and run.

I chose RUN!  And run I did, for the majority of 2.5 miles.

I must say, I felt rather accomplished when I got home, especially when you consider it was 36 degrees on Saturday at 8am.  I guess the endorphins  were a little too strong because later that day I convinced Adam to get up at 8am the following day for another run.  Even with the extra hour of sleep, neither of us were excited when the alarm went off, but we got up anyway.  It was 30 degrees that morning, and I'm fairly certain each car that passed us was thinking exactly what I used to think when I passed those poor unfortunate souls on icy mornings, "what are those idiots doing? It's 30 degrees outside!"  Oh well, run we did.

3 miles later we were back in our apartment and that sense of accomplishment came flooding back.  Is it possible?  Am I becoming a runner?  We should probably give it a week or 2 before making any rash decisions, but the possibility is there.  I might be signing up for some fun and interesting runs after all!


Mrs. Mullen said...

Ha! I love it!
I'm also proud of you :)
Don't over do it, take it slow and you're more likely to stick with the program.
Wish you lived near me and we could become runners together!!...or at least practice being chased together.
I hate it too :) but you're right...it feels great when you're done!
Nothing like that runners high.

BradandKristen Bishop said...

Yay!! This is so exciting! Seriously, I love running. Just take it slow and enjoy it! Running should be fun, not a chore! It gets addicting! I seriously zone out. It's my "no thinking" time :)

Autumn said...

Thanks girls! I'll do my best :) I'm going to lift some weights today and run again tomorrow. We will see how I do, hopefully I'll be able to run more of my 3 miles!