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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If you have known me for any amount of time, you know I am NOT a morning person and that is putting it lightly.  For the most part I cling to my bed each morning desperately hoping for a few more minutes of snugly warmth under the covers.  And on more than one occasion I have granted myself this wish to the detriment of my morning routine.  The snooze button is my mortal enemy and typically my 5 minutes turns into more like 45 and then I hit scramble mode instead.  Enter last night...

Each week we meet with our leadership group for Resonate and during that time we discuss wins and opps for our most recent Sunday, upcoming events, and receive a challenge from our pastor. One of our topics of conversation last night was how busy we are & the feeling that we can't balance it all.

After the meeting was over, Davey (aforementioned pastor) and Adam were talking about productivity and other things and mention was made to getting up earlier being the key.  Davey posed that we think other times are more productive, but if we will get up early we might be surprised.  Of course I'm thinking at 5am the ONLY productive thing is sleep!

Now, I have to admit, I am probably more than a little skeptical, mainly because I feel like I've tried this before an it has NEVER worked!  Then again...have I really?  So, on our way home we decided it was worth a shot.  I mean we had nothing to lose but sleep, and if all else fails we can always return to our snooze button way of life.

Today was our trial run, and to be honest I felt rather productive.  I was able to help Adam with vinyl before I got ready for work, and even threw in a load of clothes.  I imagine tomorrow morning will be a little more difficult when it comes to the actual getting up part, but we shall do our best.  I'll keep you posted as our trial goes on, and hope to report news of becoming a chipper morning person (don't hold your breath).  What do you feel is your most productive time of day?


Diane Christopher said...

Definitely morning! If I could get everything done (I think about doing while I'm at work) once I get home in the late afternoon I would be the world's most productive person! Alas, it just doesn't seem to happen unless I get it accomplished in the mornings.

BradandKristen Bishop said...

Girl, I feel your pain! Brad and I are both "snoozers" but honestly, when I do get up in the mornings I have the most productive days!! Good luck lady!