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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Over the past week our life has been anything but normal.  We got a call last Friday that Adam's stepdad had been hospitalized.  We weren't sure how serious it was until Saturday morning when he was moved to ICU.  Being 8 hours away makes this type of situation that much harder.  We jumped in the car and raced (as quickly as possible without getting pulled over) to his mother's side.  Adam spent the next 72 hours at the hospital, and during that time we made the decision that Alexa and I would return to Indianapolis on Monday.

I was a single mom for about 4 years before Adam and I got married and I recall those times being difficult at best.  When things were bad there was no back-up, and when things were good there was no one to stand back and share it with.  I can't begin to explain how thankful I am that 2.5 years ago Adam made the decision to pursue me.

That brings us back to the present...I have been away from my husband for 6 days now and I miss him terribly.  I don't sleep as well when he isn't here and while I love spending time with Alexa, it just isn't the same without him.  He definitely made our family complete.

I want to thank the mothers who do this every day; single moms, moms with traveling husbands, and most importantly military moms.  There is a finite amount of time that I will be without Adam and this time it is 10 days, we will be reunited in SC on Wednesday.  For some military wives they spend months at a time away from their husband, and life carries on at home in his absence.  They don't know for sure when he will be home, and sometimes he never comes home.  I can't begin to imagine what that feels like, and I pray I never will.  To all the wives and mothers who sacrifice on a daily basis, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

1 comment:

Diane Christopher said...

Thanks for sharing a thoughtful reminder about the sacrifices some make and the tough situations some live in! We sure are missing you right now and are looking forward to having you back in SC on Wednesday for a few days! Love you and Alexa....it's been good seeing Adam, still praying for Keith and his situation.