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Monday, September 3, 2012

Take me out to the ball game!

Saturday night Alexa and I got to go to an Indian's game with our family that lives in Indy, and it was such a great treat! When we entered the ballpark Alexa spotted Rowdie so we ran over to grab a hug and a picture.

During the game we cheered for the Indians, ate popcorn & cotton candy, and visited with Matt, Deborah & Annabeth.  Even though we missed Adam tremendously it was a great night.  On one of the many outings Alexa took during the game with Aunt Deborah, she came back with a foam finger.  She thoroughly enjoyed waving it everywhere.  As we approached the end of the game she asked Uncle Matt to take her down to see if she could get a ball.  The players are really good about throwing them into the stands at the end of each inning.  They made one attempt, but none of the players were close to where they were standing, Alexa was not discouraged.  When the 2nd out came the next time around, she and Matt marched down again. 

 Now, as a mom you always want your child to be the one who is picked out by whomever might have the ball (or whatever coveted item is at stake) but you also must realize there are 20 other kids who are hoping for the same thing.  Alexa was smaller than most of the kids down there, and she also wasn't brandishing a glove.  She and Matt both waved, and Matt pointed to her.  I saw the catcher look at her, look at Matt and point to her before throwing Matt the ball.  She was SOOOOO excited, and I thought my heart would burst I was so happy for her.  I wish Adam could've been there to experience it with her!  Thanks Uncle Matt & Aunt Deborah for taking us to the ballgame, it made Saturday night much more fun even though we were missing daddy!  We are so thankful to have family in Indiana, it has made this transition so much easier as we started a new life here!

1 comment:

Diane Christopher said...

Such a sweetapottamus!, glad you both had fun and she had a memorable night! Love and miss you!