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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Year

At this time 6 years ago I was laying in a hospital bed, completely worn out from the days activities, holding my dear, sweet, 7lb 1oz baby girl in my arms.  I have never been so amazed, exhausted, and thankful as I was that day.  Here we are 6 years later and that thankfulness does not stop.  Alexa is truly a blessing in our lives, and although she is sassy, independent, and too much like me at times, I love her more than words could even describe.  I thank Jesus for her daily, and pray I allow him to teach me to be a better mother.  Happy birthday Alexa Lynn, mommy & daddy love you so much!

just minutes old
1st taste of cake
2 years old
she tried to eat the fondant princess on her cake
How a year changes things!
She still loves to put icing all over her face & not eat the cake
My birthday princess with her Barbie cake

1 comment:

Diane Christopher said...

How we love that sweet baby girl! She is a precious gift from God....we are so thankful for her and that she's in our lives....love to you all!
Mimi and Pop