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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who doesn't love CAKE??!!

Oh my goodness, if life gets any busier I don't know what I will do!

Ok, enough of that. We had a great weekend...and of course it was busy. Friday I had a hair appointment so Alexa spent the night with Mimi and Pop. Even though she is old enough to do things like that with me, it is so much more enjoyable if I can just relax. Not to mention that she loves going to Mimi and Pop's now that we have our own place. I got up bright and early...ok not so early, but when do I really get the chance to sleep late? We had a wedding at 2, and I had some errands to run beforehand so I did that and picked up chick-o-lay on my way to Landrum. When I got there Alexa was sitting on the steps leading up to the pond and it was clear she was having a blast!

After lunch we got ready for the wedding, and off we went. Keisha was beautiful, and the wedding was so sweet. She used some of my favorite songs, and I really enjoyed seeing the love between them. Her brother-in-law is a pastor, so he performed the ceremony and that made it even more special. In true Keisha fashion she made Josh promise not to mush the cake in her face, but she did it to him...I told him he should've known better!

When we got back to Mimi and Pop's we changed clothes and headed to the grocery store. With so many families to accomodate for Father's Day we decided to have our celebration Saturday night, and it worked out really well. We started cooking about 5, and by the time Jodi and Brad arrived with the meat/bread we were ready to go. No matter what, if my family is involved you know food isn't far behind. We joke on family vacations that we spend each meal discussing what we will eat for the next one. Oh wait, that's mostly true! Anyway, we had a great night...and that left Sunday open to relax at home. Alexa and I enjoyed some time alone together and we both took a nap.

Sunday evening we headed to Newberry to meet Linds and pick up the surprise cake for Brenda's birthday. For those of you who are unaware, this is Lindsey's newest hobby, and she is extremely talented! I carefully brought the massive 4 layer cake back to my house and rearranged my fridge (removing a shelf) so it would fit. I'm sure you are sitting there wondering how many people this cake was supposed to feed. I mean why would Lindsey make a cake that was too big right?? Well these are the facts:
  1. we needed a cake big enough for 12 people
  2. I was not specific in what I wanted other than white cake ( - any almond extract b/c the bday girl is allergic)
  3. Lindsey wanted to try a "real" stacked cake
  4. Lindsey also knows that as her best friend I am required to let her experiment with my cakes
  5. I don't think either of us realized just how MASSIVE it would be
The cake was beautiful...and I say was b/c we ate the top layer tonight, so that kinda ruins the whole thing. Oh well! Brenda's birthday was yesterday, and unfortunately she had an abscessed tooth that finally got the best of her. We rescheduled our dinner for tonight, and even though she still didn't feel well she made it through like a champ and even smiled for a picture with her cake. She and Josh took the rest of the top layer home so they could eat it later. The cake was a big hit, and several patrons and waitresses were glad Lindsey made it so big. Oh...did I mention that according to her it should feed between 30 and 40 people...yeah, she was only off by about 18 or so. I told her that next time I was only paying for the number of people I needed it for and if she wanted to make it bigger the rest was on her. LOL! Just kidding Linds, the girls in my office will be ever grateful tomorrow.

Thanks again Linds for making the cake on such short notice...I can't wait for another excuse...err...reason to order another one! Here is the birthday girl with her amazing cake! Ok, I'm off to bed...but I will post again soon with a few other things going on in our lives right now!

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