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Sunday, June 14, 2009

All about the weekend

Our weeks are super busy, and Alexa is away from home at least 2 nights during the week, so the weekend is our time to hang out and enjoy each other. One way I try to help keep our weekends open for fun time is by straightening/cleaning on a daily basis. This means a quick run through of the house every night before bed, and simple other chores rotated during the week. That way I don't have to spend all day Saturday working instead of playing. This week we had plans every night, and as a result I didn't have a chance to do anything during the week.

Friday night Alexa had date night with Uncle Jerry and I stayed home and took advantage of having the house to myself. They had a great time, and I got a lot done. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Mimi's house for some fun in the sun. Alexa had the best time because 2 of her 3 meals came from her favorite restaurant chick-o-lay! We got there before Mimi and Pop got back so Alexa got to take her tricycle outside and ride in the driveway and grass. After lunch and a few errands we got out to the pool just in time for the clouds to appear. Why can it be sunny all day and as soon as we hit the deck the sun decided it was nap time! The whole gang was there so the pool was full, and Jerry and daddy played baby patrol with Baby C and Bailey Bailey inside.

Alexa is doing such a great job in the pool, and she is starting to love the water. She has swimmies and yesterday she seemed more comfortable with them than ever before. She swam from the steps to about the middle of the deep end. I can't wait to see Alexa and Walker at the beach this summer!

When the rain started falling we made our way inside to get ready for my cousin's graduation celebration. As always we had a great time visiting with our family, enjoying the beautiful weather at their house, and eating delicious food! Nothing like spending a day admiring God's wonderful creations and watching my sweet daughter play with her cousins. We finally ended our day at home, and got some rest before NewSpring GVL's first service at the CFC.

This morning we got to experience something truly amazing. The GVL campus has made a big move, and I am truly in awe of just how big our God is. One of the songs we sang this morning said "you are bigger than we let you be" and I think that is such a true statement. How many times to we tell God how big our problem is instead of telling our problem how big our God is? I know too many times I am so guilty of this. I am so thankful for a church that doesn't run away when things get hard, and instead we have faced this challenge head on and viewed it as a blessing instead of a curse. God doesn't have a plan B.

The new facility is a complete upgrade from our previous location and it doesn't have the feel of "mobile". I can't even begin to imagine what the load in load out team had to do to get ready for the services today, but believe me, they did an incredible job! You should definitely come check us out one week, God is definitely moving!

After church Alexa and I came home, ate lunch, and then Alexa took a nap. That gave me a chance to do the dishes and put a few other things away, and then I relaxed on the couch and started this blog post that is now dragging on forever! When she woke up she had a snack and then we went for a walk...and now we are sitting on our porch waiting on the bottom to drop out. The perfect end to a great weekend.

This post has turned out to be much longer than originally anticipated...and I'm sure most people quit reading a long time ago, but I'm going to post a few pictures from our weekend anyway.
Safety is very important

Headed down the driveway

lookin back at mommy :)

down the hill was easy

uphill was easier to push

or maybe picking it up is best

headed back up the driveway

Relaxin' by the pool
Mimi with baby C

Jodi, Marian w/ baby Bailey, and Josh

Aren't they sweet :)


Mimi said...

Yes, they are so sweet! Can't wait for Baby C and Bailey Bailey to be able to join in the fun - better enjoy them as babies while we can!

Mrs. Mullen said...

awww, look at little bean. Glad you two had a nice weekend!!

Our Family said...

Glad you all had a wonderful weekend! I love the quote about "you are bigger than we let you be!" Man, conviction! What is the name of that song? :) Lana

Inka said...

Alexa is so sweet with the bike! :)
I also love your new blog layout. Super sweet!