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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Weekend

Last night Walker came to stay with us, and as always A & W had a great time playing together. Granted it looks like a grenade went off in here today, but what is a little mess when it means so much fun for them! I tried to get them to clean up after themselves, but they are easily distracted. Alexa did clean up a few things after we got home, but most of the work is left for me. I guess that's what mommy is for...at least at this age :)

Mimi and Pop went to a football game today, and they aren't coming back until tomorrow. We didn't have anything else on the agenda for today, so when Jodi called this morning to discuss plans for W going home it made perfect sense to head to their house. After I did some laundry this morning we packed up and went for a little trip. A & W have so much fun when they are together, and it just seemed ashame to split them up so quickly. We ate a quick lunch when we got there, and then put both babies to bed.

While they were sleeping Jodi and I looked at a few things while we waited on the Clemson game to start, and then we watched that. I was sad that they lost, but since it's Bobby Bowden's birthday I was glad for him.

After the game we ate dinner, and then Jodi and I talked for a while. Baby names were a big topic today...I am so excited at the thought of having 2 new babies in the family. A & W are at such a fun age, but babies are wonderful too! Then we spent a few minutes downstairs planning the next custom t-shirts for A & W. I have to say that A's holiday shirt is going to be SOOOO cute! I can't wait for it to be ready...and for it to be time to wear a Christmas shirt! :)

We are back home now, and A was totally wiped out! I am getting ready to do a bit of straightening up before I head to bed. Can't wait for NewSpring tomorrow...it's going to be AWESOME as always! Hope you all had a great weekend and got to spend some quality time with your family.

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Mimi said...

Hopefully some of this new found economy is going to rub off on me!