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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yeah for Thursday!!

It's Thursday again, and as always that makes me happy because it means tomorrow is Friday! Let's see...what am I going to do my post on today...hmmm...??? I think I will post 13 things I am looking forward to...
  1. The whole family is coming over to mama and daddy's tonight to put up and decorate their Christmas tree. It should be lots of super fun with both babies there, not to mention that Josh and Brenda are coming from Easley too!! :)
  2. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm leaving work at 1
  3. Tomorrow I am taking my last final (which I'm not looking forward to) and then I'll be done with school until January 15th
  4. I hope Jodi and I get to scrap some this weekend...we are going to attempt making some pages to sell on ebay...there are some crazy people out there who pay way too much money for premade scrapbook pages, so why shouldn't we benefit?
  5. Alexa's daycare did pictures with them yesterday...I can't wait to see how they turn out!!
  6. I hope we are going to make homemade ornaments this year and make it a tradition from now on!
  7. I'm going to try and find a cute outfit for Alexa to wear for our Christmas card and take the picture this weekend...we will see how that goes!
  8. We are doing our Christmas music at church on the 16th
  9. Alexa going back to sleeping through the night sans-paci!!
  10. I have a really special project I'm working on right now...but I don't want to tell about it until it's finished :)
  11. I'm looking forward to Christmas shopping for Alexa and some other special people!
  12. I am patiently waiting on Lou Lou and Sevy to come home...and I'm really looking forward to that...so is Alexa! We miss you guys, hurry up!
  13. Most of all I'm looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior with my family and friends!
Merry Christmas everyone!


MiMi said...

All of these sound like good things to look forward to! Personally, I'm looking forward to having a little time off at Christmas to enjoy spending with the family!
Love you! MiMi

Autumn said...

I am certainly looking forward to that...I guess I need to decide what I'm going to request time off for and go ahead and do that. Have you decided yet?