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Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Thursday!!

This Thursday I thought I would post about Hawaii and all the things I want to do when I get there!! I am SOOOOO excited about going, I know I'm driving everyone crazy talking about it constantly!! :) So, here are 13 things I can't wait to do while I'm in Hawaii!
  1. Hike Diamond Head...Lindsey and I were supposed to do this last time, but we ran out of time!
  2. Go shopping!! Of course, I love to shop! I may not have a lot of cash to spend, but I love it just the same!! :)
  3. Go to Pearl Harbor...we were also supposed to do this last time, but we were busy getting Linds settled, so it just didn't work out.
  4. Lindsey says we are going to rent a boat and go wakeboarding one day and then lay out in the sun...sounds like fun to me!! :) We will not be going on another day cruise...I threw up last time! :(
  5. Lindsey has also offered to save their shark dive for when I come out so I can join in...I'm not so sure about that one!! :) I mean I've never even swam with the dolphins and they are nice, so I'm just a little hesitant about sharks!
  6. I can't wait to go back to Ala Moana...I know I already said shopping, but the whole open air mall is just such a neat experience I had to mention it separately. On a separate note I promised mama I wouldn't come home with another pair of Chanel glasses this time!! :)
  7. I'm looking forward to some exciting nightlife!! :) Last time Linds and I went to one club that she had heard about; it was fun, but I know this time they know all the best spots!
  8. I can't wait to spend some time with Sevy and Linds just catching up...it's been forever since I've seen either of them, but especially Sev!
  9. I have heard Lindsey talk about all the cool "local" places they have found to eat...and you know I LOVE to eat!!
  10. I am definitely going to spend some time relaxing and recovering!
  11. I hope we are going to get to snorkel...I don't know if I'll be good at it, but I think it will be fun to try, and I would love to be able to take some under water pics...last time we took a whole camera under water and NONE of the pics came out :(
  12. I want to go back to the shops at North Shore to visit the sweet ladies at The Black Pearl Source, that's where I got my surprise ring on my last visit. I have my eye on some matching stud earrings, but they are going to have to wait for a while!
  13. One thing that is going to happen while I'm there that I'm not looking forward to is missing my sweet baby. Mimi and Pop have graciously agreed to keep her for me while I'm gone, but I am going to miss her terribly! I know she will be ok, but I will miss her just the same. I hope she does ok without her mommy! I love my Lexapie!


meredith said...

Autumn, I know you will have an AWESOME time, and I am so glad you get to go again! I would go back to Hawaii right this minute if I could! Well, no... I would go right after Christmas, but you know what I mean. :)

Autumn said...

Oh absolutely!! Lindsey and I have been talking about it kind of joking around since Anthony and I broke up, but I never really thought it would happen. Then when I found such an AWESOME deal on a ticket I just had to jump on it!! I promise I will take lots of pictures!! :)

Mrs. Mullen said...

We will for sure get everything done on your "To Do" List!! I know these two weeks will fly, being over the Holidays and all :) Sev is busy running to base everyday clearing...so hopefully once you get out here he will no longer be clearing and we can just enjoy your visit!! He will have a few classes at night...but don't tell him, thats when you and I will SHOP....or go window glancing, whatever...hahaha. YAY!!

Autumn said...

Oh I can't wait!!! I am really looking forward to it, I know it's going to be so much fun, especially since you know your way around really well now!

MiMi said...

So I just had to ask Autumn what her "surprise" ring meant because she actually picked it out....it's called a surprise ring because it's not only a ring but comes apart to be earrings.
Autumn - make sure when you snorkel you find a spot where you can swim with the sea turtles!! An experience that is fantastic and one you won't want to miss!! I hope to make it to Hawaii again and have a repeat turtle experience. Love! MiMi

Autumn said...

OH yeah...I forgot you got to do that while you were there. I hope to get to do lots of really cool things...Lindsey has promised I won't come home disappointed! Only 9 more day!! YAHOO!!!!