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Thursday, December 6, 2007

I fought the law and the law won

This week has been extremely busy for me...and even though it's Thursday there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. I had one final Tuesday night, and another one last night...I'll post about it later. Monday night after I got off work I spent 2 hours finishing the cleaning I started on Saturday for my Grandpa. He is buying one of the townhouses my dad just built, so the interior needed to be thorougly cleaned before they could move in. It took me FOREVER! It was well worth it though! :)

Anyway, it's bee a crazy week, so here it is Thursday and I'm seriously drained. It doesn't help that for the last three nights Alexa has woken me up about 3 or 4. I'm not certain that she woke me up Monday night because at this point they are all running together. Tuesday night when she woke up I nursed her and put her back down with no problem, but yesterday at work I could tell how tired I was. So after a long day yesterday...my exam wasn't until 8:15, I came home and put Alexa to bed and shortly thereafter got in bed myself. When she woke up crying about 3 I really hoped she would go back to sleep...no such luck. So I got her and nursed her again hoping that would put her back to sleep, but when she started biting me I knew we were done there. I could just tell she wanted to play. She was all over the bed, so I decided to try and put her back in her bed to see if she would go to sleep. As we walked into her room she had her head on my shoulder and seemed to be very sleepy...as soon as I moved her away from my body she started screaming. I couldn't take it any longer...I had been up with her for over an hour and I desperately needed sleep. So, I did the only thing I could do...

I gave her the PACI!

I know, I'm so disappointed in myself, I couldn't hold out! As soon as the paci went in her mouth, I laid her down and she went right off to sleep. I was so relieved...I got to go back to sleep! I know it's not a huge deal, but I almost felt like a failure. I'm going to try again tonight, so we will see how it goes.


Jackie said...

There might be nights like that but at least you are on the road to taking the paci. Don't feel bad, she and you are doing very good without the paci. Keep up the good work, Jackie

Mrs. Mullen said...

Aud...Really...are you surprised??
that girl is you ALL OVER!!! STUBBORN and HARDHEADED...I HOPE you didnt reallllllly think she was going to give up that easily did you?? Come on, shes one smart cookie!!When you're tired and want to just squeeze her...remember what you yourself put your parents through...hehehe. (dont worry, we both know I'm SOOOO in for it too!!)

Autumn said...


Am I reading that right?? Do the rest of you see it or is it my imagination? That makes it sound like you are planning on having kids...when did that change? Kids are the devil remember!! :) LOL! You are right, and we both deserve everything we get!

She really is a sweetheart, but last night I just couldn't take it any longer! I know it's not like she is going to be 5 with a paci...but she was doing so well without it. Oh well we start again tonight! :)

Jodi said...

And you had me thinking you'd gotten a ticket! LOL paci really isn't that bad...it's not like she's a 3rd grader!

Mrs. Mullen said...

lol, after I wrote that I thought...good grief that sounds like I'm going to have a rugrat!! HeHe...well maybe one day...the world needs a baby gray crayon and some little munchkin to teach lex how to sink a boat!! Not anytime soon though!! lol, and youre right...kids are the devil!!! Ugh, I'm sooo glad you get my sense of humor!!

Autumn said...

Jodi, you are too funny...I doubt I would've posted that on here :)

Lou...you know I will always understand how twisted you are...I'm sure I helped you along in one way or another! :) I love you! I really do hope you have a kid at some point...they are wonderful and you will make a great mom. Besides, it's like we talked about last night, it's really the parents more than the child, kids don't come into the world being the devil some silly parent makes them that way by not telling them NO! hehehe

mom said...

Wait one minute Auddy Christopher!!! I remember telling you both NO NO NO a million times but look where that got ME!!!! Ha Ha. You two girls were on your own blue print from the day you were born HUH?!!!! But we can't help but love you any way.
That's what mom's do now isn't it????LOVE

Autumn said...

Now you know good and well I wasn't talking about you!! :) I was talking about other parents who never discepline their children. There is a difference! Besides, I think we both turned out ok! :)