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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I can feel it in the air...

We have had some fantastic weather over the last week or so and it has my heart yearning for fall.

I love Clemson football
I love piles of leaves ready to jump in
I love warm scents like cinnamon or pumpkin spice
I love sweaters, blue jeans, and new boots
I love pumpkin patches
I love fall decorating...

Prior to my current living arrangements I've never had a space I considered seasonal decoration worthy. I was so excited when I realized I would be able to decorate this year. I have done a few things, and still have ideas of other things to come. Here is my progress so far

Not sure what to do with my plate yet...any ideas?


The Dales said...

Cute decor, we too love decorating for fall!

How in the world did you spend so little at Target on those items? I do good to spend under $50 when I go there? Is there a good sale I don't know about??

Our Family said...

What a great idea for the jars. I have one that I need to take the Easter eggs out of and update. I am ashamed to say that I still have spring decorations up. Where does the time go? Hopefully this weekend I will get some fall decorating done myself. Dawn is thinking about having a fall home decor swap. We will keep you posted. Maybe you could drive up for the event! :) Lana

Autumn said...

Oh Lana, that sounds like great fun! Keep me posted...we are headed to the beach Saturday, and will be gone for a week, but I will still keep up with the world LOL!

Stephanie, you should check out www.moneysavingmom.com she posts all of the deals stores are doing and where you can find/print coupons...that's how I do most of my deals. I come across a few on my own, but she takes the work out of it!

Jodi said...

I have GOT to get some of those apothecary jars! LOVE them (well, all of it!)