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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Pics

The girl loves art...isn't her outfit cute??!! Mimi made her a pillowcase dress and W a pair of matching shorts...then she made Baby C a little dress, but it was too small b/c there were no patterns! I'm lovin the hair bows...they are so much fun to make!

Unwrapping their books from Aunt Sylvia

Alexa loves her books!

Aunt Sylvia reading to her

They took turns pushing each other...although Alexa usually doesn't like W's tricycle b/c when she tries to pedal backwards to stop it will free wheel...the first time it happened (several months ago) she looked up and said "this is broke" LOL!

Oh what a yummy lunch!

Everybody loves the bunny cake!

Lexa and Mommy

Somebody mostly likes the icing

Checking out the Easter baskets

David was showing off the lizard he caught

Time for egg hunting :)

Her basket was full!

Poor little lizard...he was slightly traumatized, and probably thanking God that he was still alive at this point! LOL!!

Why is it so hard to get 4 children to cooperate for a group shot?

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