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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quick Recap

This past week has been a bit of a blur. I really planned to blog and post some pictures, but I just didn't have time. Monday night my teeth started hurting, I had an appointment with the oral surgeon next Wednesday about my wisdom teeth. Tuesday was my birthday...which I can't even believe. During the day Tuesday my teeth began to really hurt, and it only got worse.

Wednesday morning I called Dr. Mills' office to see if they could get me in sooner. He didn't have anything available but his partner had an opening that afternoon. I gladly took the appointment. After seeing my xray it was obvious that my wisdom teeth really needed to come out. He didn't have an appointment for several weeks, but Dr. Mills had one of Friday, so I took it. I now look like a chipmunk! The surgery went well, and actually it cost less than they originally quoted me, so that was a huge blessing. My insurance considered it major medical b/c they were all impacted, and unfortunately I hadn't met my deductible. Thankfully God helped take care of that, in more ways than one, and it ended up costing me much less than I originally thought.

I am recovering nicely, and Alexa has been so sweet during this period. She knows something is different, but she isn't really sure what. She gives me the sweetest kisses on my "boo boo". What a sweet baby girl...she is getting ready to go to bed now. Even though she has her moments, most of them are pretty sweet!

Tuesday night we had my birthday dinner at Stone Soup, and as usual it was fantastic! I had the best chicken dish I have had in a long time...it was fried in panko bread crumbs and it was so yummy. Then we came home, and Jerry and Alexa went outside to listen to music in his car for just a minute before her bath. When Mimi went out to get them, she came back with a big surprise!

Last Saturday we went to downtown Landrum to Foothills Amish Furniture, because Mimi and I haven't been to the store since they moved to their new location. Well, it was certainly the right Saturday to go. They were having a celebration for their anniversary, and they had guy doing homemade ice cream out front for free. It was wonderful! While we were there Mimi and I saw some really nice things, one of which was a painting that I fell in love with. It's three separate paintings, in a black frame and at the bottom it has Numbers 6:25 in gold paint. It is absolutely gorgeous. I asked daddy to talk to Matt (the owner) and see if he would come down on the price since they have been such good customers.

How excited was I when I saw her carrying that package. I knew immediately it was the painting, and Alexa helped me open it. It is gorgeous, and I'm not typically one to get excited about paintings. I am so excited to have it, and I can't wait to find a great place to hang it when I have my own house.

Thursday I started back to school, and it was a pretty good night. I started with a math class, and then when I got to my education class, the professor wasn't there, but he had left about 50 handouts for us. That made for an exciting night because Grandpa and Grace came back from Florida that afternoon, and brought Pebo's Cuban food back with them. Even though my teeth were really hurting, it was still awesome. We are so glad Grandpa and Grace are back...we really missed them while they were gone!

Well, that's about it for my week...I need to go put the heating pad back on my face to see if I can get the swelling to go down some more. Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Brenda said...

I'm glad to hear the surgery went well. Your present from us is on its way...so hopefully it'll be here before we leave for the beach. Talk to you later chipmunk:) Love ya!!!

Mimi said...

You're still a sweet chipmunk! LOL So glad the procedure is over and you'll be back to normal by the time we leave for vacation!! Yea!

Our Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
:) Lana