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Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally :)

Alexa is down for a nap right now, so if I don't hurry this post won't make it either! We have been so busy lately. Last week was Alexa's first week at her new school, and we are both loving it. She is doing really well in her class...and she is working on potty training! That's right, she isn't even 2 and she uses the potty all by herself! I am definitely loving it. I mean diapers are expensive! LOL!

There are so many cute pictures that I need to post, I don't even know if I will be able to get them all on here, but I'll try.

Last weekend we went to a wedding for a dear friend of mine, and we had such a good time. The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was so much fun. Kristin's daughter Ansley was there, and she is 16 months old, and Laura's daughter Kate was there and she is also 16 months old. The three of them had so much fun together...they danced and ran around chasing a little boy at the reception. It was so cute!

I can't even remember everything else we have done over the last two weeks, but I'm sure there is no slowing down anytime soon! We are going to the beach in 3 weeks, and I am ready! I can't wait to see how A & W react to the sand and waves this year!

We really don't have too many plans for tomorrow, other than some chores around the house because we are having people over Sunday afternoon. Sunday night at Landrum First we are having Laura Story in concert. She is the worship leader at Perimeter Church in Atlanta, and she is from Spartanburg. She is a wonderful singer and song writer, and currently has a CD out Great God Who Saves. It is phenomenal, if you haven't heard it you should listen to it...we can't stop! I am so excited to hear her live on Sunday, she has an incredible testimony that God is using to change lives!

The concert starts at 6:30 Sunday night, everyone is invited to attend! I can promise you will be blessed!

Here are some of the pictures from Julie's wedding!

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