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Wife to Adam, mommy to Alexa & Adlee Grace, Christ follower, owner at NewSpring Church, lover of Clemson football, and all things monogrammed. Looking for ways to simplify, serve, and teach my girls what life is all about.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God is SOOOO Good!

Oh...ps, you should get a kleenex!


The Dales said...

I heard last week what was going on and I am so happy for you! You totally deserve it! I hope you are doing good and I know you were wanting to buy a house...maybe this will put you in a good place to make your wish come true!

Jackie said...

Amen Sister! You have a fresh start, I know you'll do well. As you know so well....your parents are amazing people. Love you all JM

Our Family said...

Just one kleenex?! I don't think so...it should say grab a box of kleenex! haha Autumn, your story is amazing and our God is working in your life in a mighty way! Good luck on your new adventures!! Love ya, Lana :)

Dawn said...

I'm with Lana-a box would have been better! What a story! I hope you and Alexa are settling in and enjoying your new home :) Can't wait to watch as God unfolds this new chapter of your life!!

Freckled Nest said...

i am so so soooo amazed!!! This is so beautiful, and i cried so many happy tears for you Autumn! I don't even know what to say!--- This is amazing!!! You are so blessed and you deserve it! Love you hun!!!!

Meredith said...

Sorry it took me so long to sit down and watch this! I have cried and cried and couldn't be happier for you and grateful for the awesome God we serve.
I've watched you from afar for years and always knew God had good plans ahead of you!
Love, Meredith

Inka said...

This is so amazing Autumn! I´ve been out of the blogland for a while and I only got to see this now. So wonderful. I´m really happy for you and Alexa. :)
Lots of hugs from Finland!!!

Daughter of the King said...

Wow. So this is the reason God led me to your blog today. What an amazing example of the love of Christ. Just beautiful. God has blessed you with not only Alexa, your supportive mom and dad, but with an amazing church family.

May His blessings continue to pour over you and Alexa!!


Joni said...

Oh wow, that is just awesome. Thanks for sharing that Autumn!