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Friday, March 6, 2009

Here you go Linds!

I know my sweet best friend is about to go crazy, and while I must admit I love teasing her that is not my intention! So, without further adieu is that how you spell that??!! Here are some pictures from our trip this weekend. Alexa was such a trooper and I was so proud of her behavior on the plane and at the memorial service on Saturday.

Waiting on the plan

Looking out the window at our airplane

Skunky face in her seat :)

Just slightly dramatic!

Eating pretzels and watching Dora on the travel DVD (thanks Jodi)

Saturday morning Alexa decided her "lovies" needed a shower

Silly girl...in the mornings she will look at me and say my hair is WILD!

This picture is so funny! My cousin Pam lives in DC and she got 2 shirts (one for me and one for Alexa) and she wanted us to put them on and then come out and show Pop...I thought that might not be such a good idea...she thought it would be funny but I wasn't sure Pop would agree. Alexa put hers on over her jammies and we all laughed about it. She of course had no idea what it was all about, but Pam kept trying to get her to say "Obama"

Ready to play!

On the playground...aren't her sunglasses cute :)

This cute little playground was part of the country club we stayed at, and we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately it rained Sunday so we didn't get to go back!

Alexa wasn't so sure about this part b/c they were like little islands that moved!

but with Mimi's help she made it all the way across!

Coming down the slide

Up the other set of steps

What a big girl...she didn't need any help when she could reach the rails.

Mimi and Lexa

Mommy and Lexa ready for the Memorial Service

Riding on the horsey

In the little house with Sophia

Alexa loved the trampoline and jumped on it by herself for a little while, and then she got down. She decided she wanted to get back up, and instead of asking for help she thought she could do it!

She came pretty close!

She is a strong little girl!

Fun jumping!


Mrs. Mullen said...

Okay first of all...that little bean is her momma made OVER!!!!!!!!
oh my gosh it seriously CRACKS ME UP!!!! I love it. In that picture of her sitting on the couch w/ an orange shirt and jeans on, with a plate of something in her lap....I looked at her and thought, "okay that looks just like autumn...okay autumn with a tan...but JUST like you!"
I LOVE the pics of her trying to get on the trampoline, SOOO cute!!! and then again after the third pic of her still trying to get up "and she ACTS like aud...stubborn as ever!!".
Okay so she told me when I went to pick her up from her class at church the other week that MY hair was Wild!! Mom and I cracked up laughing at her!! She just looked at me and gave me a hug and mom said "who is that that has you lexa" and she got this silly little grin and said "lou lou" and then she grabbed my hair and said "your hair is Wild lou lou!"......bahahahahahahaha.
thanks for the pics!

kailani said...

I'm so glad the trip went well, especially the plane ride. For me, that's always the most stressful part.

She's so adorable!